01 Williams house film still alteration.jpg
02 This was Now Mineral Street Milwaukee.jpg
06 Looking Back Dammed and Undammed Milwaukee River .jpg
04 The Doughboy.jpg
27 This was now layton house autos 3197A.jpg
35 This was now Layton house 3.JPG
18 Mark_Iwinski.jpg
17 Mark_Iwinski .JPG
29 This was now layton house 8 Adjusted cropped.jpg
12 This Was Now III Saint John's Square Milwaukee.jpg
07 Terrains of Absence Ithaca Hotel.jpg
05 Terrains of Absence Star Theatre over driveup bank.jpg
14Terrains of Absence  Ghost Buildings Three sister minus one.JPG
16 Terrains of Absence Ghost Building Old Cornell Library 2.jpg
8 Ghost Building Old Cornell Library over parking lot.jpg
15 Terrains of AbsenceGhost Building Rotschild's when Tioga.JPG
06 This was now  Old Main Street with trolley detail  2.JPG
03 Terrains of Absence Old Arcade.jpg
17 This wa now Old arcade with man and baby.jpg
18 This Was Now II.JPG
25 This was now Seaplane Lake Cayuga adjusted.jpg
13 Terrains of Absence Old Womens Community Center Building.JPG
1 City Hall under parking garage.jpg
13 Terrains ofAbsence Strand Theatre I.JPG
07 This was now Tioga Street with Car and Carriage.jpg
15 This was now Tioga Street carriages version .JPG
10 This was now Airplane landing on Lake Cayuga.jpg
6 Ghost Building McGraw Mansion.jpg
14 Terrains of Absence site of Ezra Cornell house 1.JPG
36 Montmarte.jpg
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